Altar Server

Altar Server Ministry at CMP aims to enrich our children with true knowledge, deep appreciation and active participation with our Catholic Faith, i.e. to start young in living a faithful life through serving at the Altar of God.

Along with the deacons, and all liturgical ministers, an altar server’s primary role is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy and in the leading the assembly in the worship of God.  By fulfilling their responsibilities during Mass with reverence, they set an example for the rest of the congregation through their full, active, and conscious participation.

At CMP, Altar Servers start as early as in 5th Grade. This honor and privilege is being offered to both boys and girls who have been baptized, received their First Holy Communion, and attend Mass regularly. We give them hands-on training and allow them to shadow for the first few times until they build confidence and want to begin serving.

The mechanics of serving can be easily taught, but it takes a certain maturity to reverently serve God in the Eucharistic liturgy. If you would like to offer your time to this ministry, please fill out the form below.  The Altar Server Coordinator will contact you and arrange for a training.

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