835 Northmount Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta. T2L 0A3

Public Masses and Holy Communion Services: 

As of May 5, 2021

Monday-Thursday: No Masses
Friday & Saturday: 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00 a.m. Masses
Saturday: 5:00-6:30 p.m., Holy Communion Services (every 15 minutes)
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. -noon, Holy Communion Services (every 15 minutes)
Eucharistic Adoration:  After Friday 10:00 am Mass
Reconciliation:  By appointment

AB Government Maximum Capacity: 15 parishioners 

FOR ALL Masses and Holy Communion Services, pre-registration is required.  Please call or drop by the office.
VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with sanitizing the pews after Mass.
If you can help, please call the parish office: 403 284 3311.
Parish Email Address:
(The gmail account is no longer being used by the parish.)
First Reconciliation and First Communion Registration:
Please visit the Sacraments page using the side menu bar. 

Parish office hours:

Monday – Friday:  8:30 a.m. to noon
Saturday:  3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Time for private prayer in the main church: 

8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily

Mass Live-stream Schedule:
10:00 a.m. Sunday from St. Mary’s Cathedral with Bishop McGrattan presiding (
The Diocese of Calgary strongly recommends to the faithful to continue to wear the mask while seated in the pews during the Mass. This will help better protect one another in preventing the transmission of the flu and COVID-19. However, exemptions under the municipal bylaws will continue to be respected without requiring proof of eligibility. This gesture of wearing the mask is a sign of charity and concern for each other’s health. Please see the new poster in the church which highlights a number of health and safety measures to help prevent the spread of the flu and COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.
“May the Lord bless you and take care of you; May the Lord be kind and gracious to you; May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace….” (Numbers 6: 24-26)

Canadian Martyrs Parish and its parishioners would like to thank all the people who are making sacrifices to provide the essential services that help to create stability in our homes and country during this difficult and unstable time.

Welcome!  Canadian Martyrs Parish is a Catholic Christian community that is inspired to become the missionary disciples by living out the evangelizing mission of Christ, serving the community and sharing the spirit of faith, hope and love. We are blessed with generous, talented people with minds that believe, hearts that hope, and souls that love. We encourage you to share in the experience.

We place great emphasis on the primacy of prayer, especially through the sacramental life of the Church. In doing so, our church is open to provide an oasis of prayer and community for all who seek the peace that the world cannot give. Please note the times for private prayer indicated towards the top of our homepage. 

Jesus Christ is the center of our parish life. The Holy Eucharist and the other Sacraments are joyfully celebrated in a noble, simple manner. You are very welcome here and we pray that your visit will bring you closer to Him.

Saints throughout the ages never tire of reminding us of the power of the Sacraments and prayer, especially commune prayer. Take advantage of the opportunity to sanctify the day by coming to Daily Mass or by slipping into the church and say the rosary or spend time with Jesus in the Reserved Eucharist. Praying with and for each other is a shortcut to God’s heart as well as a means to conquering evil in the world and in our lives.

Our website will give you a brief introduction to our community. We would love to get to know you better and share our faith with you so that we can bring the message of Christ Jesus to more people in our wider community. Contact us and we can connect you with a member of our welcoming committee to answer any questions you may have.

Send us an email, if you need additional information.

835 Northmount Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2L 0A3

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